Help our Dad halt his illness and give him a chance of a longer life

Our Dad was a serving British officer in the Army. He served 29 years and was enjoying retirement when he was diagnosed with ALS aka Motor Neurone Disease or Lou Gehrig’s Diease. His form has taken away the use of his arms and we hope to slow the progression of his illness and reverse some of the damage done. We are raising money and this website will be the focus of our fund raising activities.

  • How You Can Help
    There are various ways to help Dad, you can come to our events or purchase a T-shirt or just make a donation whatever you choose, however much you choose to give THANK YOU.
  • Make a pledge
    Making a donation of just £10 will really help us to get closer to our goal, Dad needs this treatment urgently and the sooner we are able to act the better the outlook.
  • Upcoming Events
    We have events planned to raise money the £33000 Dad needs. Come and get involved, enjoy one of our events or show your support buy a T-Shirt!.


Help us raise £33000 as soon as we can.
Click here to make a donation


The Comedy night went well we raised over £3500 and all who came had a great night. The Bike Ride will be scheduled soon so please keep an eye out for the date!

About Dad & ALS

Read more about our Dad and his life, he served in the Army from age 16, read more…

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